Rishi Sunak urged ‘take Boris Johnson out for a drink’ to persuade him to save the Tories | Politics | News

Michael Gove has begged Rishi Sunak to “take Boris Johnson out for a drink” to enlist the former Prime Minister’s help in rescuing the Tories.

With the Conservatives still 20 points behind in the polls, the Levelling Up Secretary did not hide the fact that bringing Mr Johnson back to help turn things around is needed.

Mr Johnson has implied that he would be up for coming back in some sort of senior role in the Government if he got a call from the Prime Minister.

And Mr Sunak has suggested that the door is open to him even though Mr Johnson is no longer an MP and he played a significant role in his political assassination as Prime Minister in 2022 along with Mr Gove.

With increasing calls for “Bring Back Boris”, Camilla Tominey pressed Mr Gove on the issue on her Sunday morning GB News show.

Ms Tominey said: “Let’s talk about an individual, an individual you know very, very well –Boris Johnson. There are calls in this morning’s papers to ‘bring back Boris!’ What do you say to that?”

Mr Gove responded: “I think every Conservative as part of the big Conservative family should be doing all we can to make sure Rishi is reelected as Prime Minister.

“I think Boris has got enormous gifts and I would hope Boris would play a role along with every Conservative in this fight ahead.

“But with Boris it is up to him. He has already done great service to this country and that has to be respected as well.”

Tomoiney pointed out that Mr Johnson had said that he wanted Mr Sunak to give him a call and asked if the Prime Minister should pick up the phone.

Gove said: “Maybe they should even go for a drink together. Whatever.”

Ironically, Mr Sunak is known for not drinking alcohol but sources suggested he could maybe have one of his preferred brands of coke if he takes Mr Johnson out for a peace making drink.

Mr Gove infamously was involved in kaiboshing Mr Johnson’s leadership campaign in 2016 and then was accused of helping organise minsters resigning behind the scenes to force him out as Prime Minister in 2022, although he did not resign himself.

He was asked if he had been for a drink with Mr Johnson and said: “In the last two years, yes!”

However, he insisted he did “not want to get involved with Westminster tittle tattle.”

A recent survey of 2,086 Tory members by Conservative Post revealed by Express.co.uk showed that Mr Johnson remains the overwhelming favourte to be party leader again and 50 percent members are considering voting for Refom UK.

With two by-elections in Kingswood and Wellingborough, previously safe Tory seats, this week and expectation the Conservatives could lose and even be pushed into third, MPs have warned that “things are getting desperate”.

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