Putin humiliated as Russian forces drop bombs on own village by mistake | World | News


Russian forces have inadvertently bombed their own region, escalating concerns over military oversight and competence. On March 31, the Russian Air Force mistakenly discharged two FAB-500 air bombs in Belgorod Oblast, marking the 16th such incident in just two weeks.

Reports indicate that the bombs were accidentally released during a routine flight, landing in the Belgorod region.

Telegram messages from ASTRA sources confirmed the development, stating: “2 more FABs were dropped by Russian planes on the Belgorod region.”

One bomb was discovered near the Nina farmstead, while another left a crater in the area of the village of Kryukovo.

The gravity of the situation intensified as 10 Czech-made Vampire rockets landed in the same region on Sunday, as announced by the Ministry of Defence.

One woman lost her life due to the shelling, while another sustained injuries when a fire broke out following the attack on villages along the Russian border, according to regional Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov.

These incidents come at a critical juncture as Russian President Vladimir Putin recently signalled the commencement of the country’s annual spring recruitment season, officially drafting 150,000 conscripts.

This move follows the Russian parliament’s decision in July 2023 to raise the upper age limit for conscription from 27 to 30, reflecting efforts to bolster the nation’s military forces amidst ongoing conflicts, notably in Ukraine.

Despite the mandatory nature of national service for all Russian men, evasion tactics such as deferments granted to students and individuals with chronic illnesses persist, raising questions about the effectiveness of military recruitment strategies and training protocols.

The accidental bombing of Russian territory not only underscores the pressing need for enhanced safety measures within the armed forces but also serves as a stark reminder of the human cost of military errors.

Calls for accountability and reform within Russia‘s military apparatus are likely to amplify, casting a shadow over President Putin’s leadership amid mounting domestic and international scrutiny.


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