Prince Harry should have channelled Prince William in US speech but now is ‘a lost cause’ | Royal | News

Like Charles, it was announced last month that Kate too had to have a spell in hospital and is now recovering from the procedure.

But for Charles Rae, The Sun’s former royal correspondent, Harry needed to channel the spirit of his older brother Prince William, who used a recent speech to thank the public for the support and well-wishes they had offered Charles and Kate.

Speaking to GB News, Mr Rae said: “I mean it was quite amazing that he suddenly turned up in Las Vegas – I don’t know how long it was he was due to be there – but we have now come full circle. We’re now in a situation where this is Harry Windsor – bat mitzvah and children’s parties are a specialty.

“He’s no longer a royal. I mean Americans love him because he is a member of the Royal Family but as far as we’re concerned he’s now past it.”

The insider continued: “He came over here (the UK) – and I have no criticism of him coming over here, I think he has done what any other member of a family would do with someone who has had a cancer diagnosis, I commend him for that – for half an hour. It seems a bit strange.

“He even kept the king waiting, he had to delay his helicopter because he was going down to Sandringham for rest and recuperation.”

He added: “William goes to an event and he mentions both Catherine and Charles, and thanks everyone for their wellwishes. And I’m sure Harry must have had some sort of saying to him, ‘Sorry to hear about your dad.’ And he doesn’t mention it. Instead he makes jokes about rugby and American football.

“I’m afraid I think Harry is a lost cause.”

Prince William appeared at an awards ceremony on Wednesday night, which saw him speak to the public alongside film star Tom Cruise at an awards ceremony.

Hours later across the pond, Harry spoke to a Vegas crowd, joking about the likes of rugby and American football.

He said in reference to American football: “Instead of passing it backwards, just pass it forwards. Why not wear pads and a helmet?’ Of course, have an offence and defence, that makes sense, and why not have a breather every 15 seconds? And you know what? Instead of a 10-month season, let’s just make it 18 weeks. Genius.”

He added: “All kidding aside, what you guys do on and off the field is truly remarkable. You are role models for millions in the way you carry yourselves and the way you give back. This final award, the highest honour, is all about serving your community, and there is one special man we’d like to pay tribute to now.”

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