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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s branding strategy was brutally savaged by a royal commentator who claimed the couple are in their „flop era“. Critics claim the pair are „struggling to find their feet“ one year after being dropped by Spotify and given an ultimatum by Netflix.

Guardian columnist Arwa Mahdawi claimed that the recent dramatic backlash that’s reached even the US regarding the Duke of Sussex’s nomination for the prestigious Pat Tillman Award for Service „speaks volumes“ about how „badly his brand is faring in his new home“.

Harry is set to be recognised for founding the Invictus Games a decade ago to support injured and sick servicemen and women – both on active duty and veterans – who are navigating physical and invisible injuries.

Sports channel ESPN (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly), who are organising the event, said the royal is being honoured for his „tireless work in making a positive impact for the veteran community through the power of sport“.

But the news sparked huge backlash worldwide, with a petition being set up urging the awards organisers to rethink their decision.

The mother of Pat Tillman – a former NFL player and US Army Ranger who was killed in Afghanistan in 2004 and who the awards are named after – told the Mail she was „shocked“ at Harry’s nomination when there „are recipients that are far more fitting“.

Ms Mahdawi claimed that such a reaction only proves that their brand’s „novelty“ has „worn off“ as America is „growing tired“ of them.

She wrote: „When life gives you lemons, make luxury lemon marmalade and sell it to your celebrity friends. That’s what Meghan Markle seems to be doing anyway. Ever since their break with the royal family, the Sussexes have been struggling to find their feet – so much so that last year, Rolling Stone declared they were in their “flop era”.

„Still, despite setbacks, the pair are steadfastly trying to build their brands.“

The columnist said that while Meghan, who launched her latest business venture – lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard (ARO) – earlier this year, has had her hands full with homemade jam – one of the products to be sold under ARO – Harry has found himself in „something of a sticky situation“ regarding his nomination.

She added: „The Duke of Sussex is passionate about the Invictus Games, there’s no doubt about that. But there does seem to be a huge amount of doubt about whether he really deserves this award.“

Ms Mahdawi went on to say that while has „no end of haters in the UK“, the fact that his nomination was criticised so severely across the pond „speaks volumes“.

She explained: „Harry has no end of haters in the UK; almost anything he does is bound to be criticised by sections of the British press.

But the fact his award nomination is getting so much backlash from Americans speaks volumes about how badly his brand is faring in his new home. The novelty of the newlyfleds, it seems, has worn off; America is growing tired of the Sussexes.

„And while Harry and Meghan are used to bad press by now, sources told the Telegraph that the fact this bout of criticism relates to Harry’s military record, of which he is very proud, is “a particularly bitter pill to swallow”. Still, rumour has it Meghan might be releasing a rosé wine soon. Perhaps Harry can wash it down with that.“

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