Nigel Farage says Tories are already in civil war after election defeat | Politics | News

The Tories are „already in civil war“ following their election defeat, Nigel Farage has said.

The Reform leader, who is also the new Clacton MP, predicted the party will enter a „lengthy period of internecine warfare“.

Mr Farage told GB News: “They’re already in civil war. The election result, the ink is barely dry on the paper and they’re at war.

“You have people like Suella Braverman, people like the Father of the House, Sir Edward Leigh, who say, ‘oh, we must welcome Nigel into the Conservative Party’.

“And then you have the other wing, which is David Cameron, William Hague, and a big majority of the 121 MPs who would want nothing to do with me or with Reform.

“I’m being used at the minute as part of the argument, in the middle. But the truth is it’s a broad church, the Conservative Party, with no shared religion of any kind at all.

“They will go into, I suspect, a lengthy period of internecine warfare. They are not an effective political force.

“Can five MPs in the House of Commons make a difference? Well, in the Commons itself, we can make arguments, but it’s in the country where I’m going to be campaigning, right up to the local elections next year and on to the Welsh parliament elections, in the years to come.

“I think we have a major opportunity to build a mass movement grassroots organisation, and that’s where the opposition will come.”

Mr Farage is calling for electoral reform after his party won four million votes but only five seats due to quirks with the system.

He said: “Breakthroughs are never disappointing. The breakthroughs are always good.

“The first past the post system is absolutely brutal. We could have got over four million votes and no seats under this system, if we had proportional representation we’d be nearly 100 seats.

“The appetite for electoral change is going to come. For every one Reform MP there are 800,000 votes behind them. For every Labour MP fewer than 30,000.

“First past the post can stop parties with big vote shares getting a small number of seats.

„But equally, it can get the Labour Party with a third of the vote, two-thirds of the seats. The argument for electoral reform is going to become very strong.”

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