‚My entitled neighbour uses my driveway 5 times a day – he refuses to stop‘

A woman has slammed her ‚entitled‘ neighbour for using her driveway as a turn-around point five times a day, every day.

She detailed how he would drive into her driveway before reversing into his own, showing little consideration for her vehicle. She posted on Reddit: „We’ve been in our new home for about three years now. From day one our neighbour pulls into our driveway all the way in to back in his car but the thing is if our car is parked there he can still back in no problem. We’ve started to think he is doing it on purpose and this happens four to five times a day.“

But that’s not the end of it – she also claims that he lets his dogs defecate in her garden while walking them off-leash around the neighbourhood.

She continued: „There are so many other things like this that we’ve been putting up with for three years and did not say a word about it until now. He acts like he owns the entire street“.

Frustrated, she confronted her neighbour, asking him to cease this ‚bad behaviour‘, only for him to ignore her and „became hostile“. Seeking advice, she added: „We finally told our neighbour we’d appreciate it if he did not use our driveway in a very polite way.

„He became very hostile and said ‚Oh I pull in maybe two feet what is the problem if you want to live on this street you need to make sacrifices‘. Can you please help me with your thoughts? I am afraid he’ll become more hostile and do things behind our backs.“

One user advised her to park at the very end of her driveway to stop him from using it as a turnaround spot.

Another chimed in: „Block off your driveway with your car. Pick up his dog poo and set it nicely on his front porch. Give him proof that you’re capable of being an a***hole too.

„He’s going to just have to get used to it if he wants to live on your street. There’s been a changing of the guard. He can like it or lump it.“

A third suggested: „Scoop his dog’s poop and return it to his porch. Ask him directly to keep his dogs off your property and to always have them on leash. Find deterrent for the yard/driveway (small garden fence, actual real fence, etc)“.

And yet another added: „The dog poop is his property. Return it to him right in front of his door. Call animal control and code enforcement every time his dogs are off-leash.

„Park your car at the end of your driveway. Use something to block your driveway when you’re not home. He’s a bully. You have to be tough back at him. He’s already taken advantage of your niceness for three years.“

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