Meghan Markle urged to return to Suits to ‘make public fall in love with her again’ | Royal | News

Reports suggested that Meghan might come back for a potential reboot of the show.

The Sussexes saw their popularity plummet in the last few months after their ongoing row with the Royal Family, ever since they left the Firm back in 2020. The couple have tried to branch out to different ventures but none of their efforts have proven to be fruitful.

Their £15.6m deal with Spotify was axed, whilst their contract with Netflix is nearing its end and has not been renewed.

Now PR strategist, reputation manager and founder of PR with Perkes, Laura Perkes, touched down on Meghan’s possible return to acting and weighed in any chances of her rebuilding her damaged reputation by doing so.

She exclusively told “The character of Rachel Zane was relatable, which is what people loved about her.

“By playing the character again, the public will naturally fall back in love with Meghan again and could lead to the big break that she’s always wanted since childhood.”

She cautioned the duchess that not all publicity is good publicity and that by getting the public’s trust on her back, she will have more chances of striking deals.

Perkes explained: “Brands don’t want to be associated with ambassadors who attract so much negative attention.

“And while some will believe that all publicity is good publicity, brands don’t want to risk their own reputation by aligning themselves with the wrong celebrities or influencers.”

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