Meghan Markle tipped for major move as Royal Family prepare for summer | Royal | News

Meghan Markle could likely launch her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard (ARO), this summer as the latest product tipped to be sold under its name leaves a major hint, according to a PR expert.

The Duchess of Sussex landed an Instagram page and website for her brand last March with no official estimate on its official launch.

But the brand’s teaser campaign and various promotions of different products, namely her strawberry jam, raspberry jam and dog biscuits – which have been sent to several influencers – have continued circulating online up until now.

However, the latest rumours regarding her next and first product to be sold under ARO’s name – rose wine – sparked hope of a possible estimate of when it’s bound to hit the shelves.

Renae Smith, founder and director of the Atticism, told „The extended teaser campaign may have been too lengthy, as maintaining audience interest beyond 6-8 weeks can be challenging.“

She added: „Rosé is typically associated with summer, making it the ideal season for launch to capture seasonal demand.“

The PR specialist added that if Meghan doesn’t launch her wine during the summer, the next best period to do so would be around the Christmas holidays.

She explained: „If the summer window is missed (which I strongly doubt), a holiday launch could also be effective if we again consider the demographic (less interested in wine, more in the brand), leveraging the festive season for gift-giving and social gatherings.

„Timing the launch to align with these peak periods is crucial.“

However, when asked about whether the duchess would plan the timing of her next major move based on the Royal Family’s schedule, Ms Smith suggested that such a scenario would be highly unlikely.

The royals traditionally take their summer holidays in August, with most of them travelling up north to Balmoral, Scotland.

The expert said: „Meghan’s previous actions suggest that the Royal Family’s schedule is unlikely to influence her timing decisions. I doubt she’s even thought of it.“

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