Max Verstappen ‘leaks’ Red Bull 2024 livery during racing live stream | F1 | Sport

Max Verstappen has revealed that Red Bull’s 2024 livery will look ‘exactly the same’ as the 2023 car while live streaming to his fans. The reigning world champions will be the final team to reveal their new design when they unveil the RB20 at their launch event on 15 February.

Speaking about the livery to his fans on the live stream, Verstappen candidly explained: “Oh yeah, it’s going to look exactly the same.” One of his friends then chimed in: “Well no, everyone else who has already released their car doesn’t have any paint on their car, just carbon.”

This prompted Verstappen to double down on his claims, reiterating: “Yeah I tell you, it’s going to look exactly the same,” before chuckling. This will be the third year in a row that Red Bull has opted for a continuation of the previous year’s livery with some very minor tweaks. 

It isn’t just the livery that is expected to remain similar when the new challenger is unveiled next week. The reigning world champions have once again doubled down on their design philosophy with chief technical director Adrian Newey describing the car as a ‘third evolution’ of the RB18. 

The Milton Keynes-based outfit have been the development race leaders since the ground-effect era got underway in 2022 and they extended their advantage over the rest of the field considerably in 2023.

So dominant was the RB19 that Verstappen cruised to the title in historic fashion, winning 19 out of a possible 22 Grands Prix, while team-mate Sergio Perez collected two of the remaining three race wins. The end result was Red Bull clinching the Constructors’ Championship trophy with over double second-placed Mercedes’ tally. 

Speaking about the team’s 2024 challenger on the Talking Bulls podcast, Newey explained: “Our car, it’s very much a third evolution of the 22 car.

“Last year’s car was an evolution of ’22 in its main points being of course, the normal winter development in terms of aerodynamics, some understanding on what we needed to do with suspension to try to improve the car as well, and getting weight out of it, because we never got down to the weight limit in ’22.

“This year’s car is the third evolution of that original RB18. What we don’t know, of course, is [whether] the third evolution [is] too conservative, while others have done something different? You just don’t know.”

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