King Charles could be set for ‚historic visit to Ireland‘ next year | Royal | News

King Charles is poised to make a historic state visit to the Republic of Ireland amid plans for a reset in Anglo-Irish relations. London and Dublin are reportedly keen for the monarch to make the trip, following previous state visits to Ireland by Queen Elizabeth II and George V.

A senior government source in Ireland told The Sunday Times it was clear Charles „wants to visit“ the country and that such a trip would be helpful in helping reset relations.

According to a UK Government source, King Charles and Queen Camilla „definitely“ want to go, but such a visit would take four to six months to prepare. The monarch’s health would no doubt also be a factor in any decision.

Charles would likely be in Ireland for several days if the visit were to go ahead, and he would likely be attending functions in Dublin and also visiting other parts of the country.

When he was Prince of Wales, Charles became the first member of the British Royal Family to visit Ireland since it declared independence from Britain in 1919.

News of the King’s potential visit comes as Labour seeks to reset relations with Ireland. Irish premier Simon Harris said on Sunday (July 7) the next generation will „never forgive us“ if the opportunity to reset Anglo-Irish relations is not seized after Labour’s landslide victory in the General Election.

Mr Harris acknowledged there had been „clear policy differences and difficulties and challenges“ between the UK and Ireland in the years since Brexit, but said he was eager to work with Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer.

In one of his first acts in power Sir Keir had a telephone conversation with the Taoiseach and invited him to Downing Street on July 17.

Mr Harris told Sky News the British-Irish relationship is „really strong“ and he wanted to discuss how to fulfil the promise of the Good Friday Agreement.

Buckingham Palace was approached for comment.

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