Keep bananas fresh with ‘simple trick’ – ‘slows down the ripening process’

If you’ve bought a large bunch of bananas this week, there’s some tips to make them stay fresh for longer. 

In the case you wait too long, there’s some delicious banana recipes that call for overripe bananas, like frozen chocolate banana skewers or banana bread.

The fruit gets softer and sweeter as it ripens, but it also deteriorates the integrity of the fruit.  If you aren’t using them quickly, there are ways to preserve them for later.

A user on the forum Quora recently shared a way to keep bananas fresh that doesn’t involve freezing or cling wrap. In fact, all you have to do is place the fruit in water. 


Other suggestions include only submerging the bananas when you intend to use them in the next two weeks, as they can become soggy if in water for longer. It’s also important to keep the water clean, so you should change it every few days. 

By keeping bananas in water, you’re also keeping them away from other fruits. Apples and pears, among others, also release ethylene when they ripen, which can stimulate ethylene release in bananas. 

Make sure all your fruit stays fresh by keeping them away from each other. 

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