Joe Biden’s first call with Keir Starmer sparks senile ridicule | World | News

Joe Biden has been at the centre of brutal senile ridicule in anticipation of his future first phone call to newly-elected Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer.  

Sky News commentator Adam Boulton hinted at existing jokes about 81-year-old Biden’s high-profile recent gaffes and quipped, „Hello Mr Churchill,“ referencing potential confusion during the future conversation between the two leaders.

„There are already lots of jokes which I won’t repeat about his first phone call with Joe Biden,“ Boulton remarked before his co-hosts urged him to change the subject.

The comment was a dig at Biden’s frequent gaffes and drew mixed reactions from viewers.

Some found the quip humorous, with one person saying on X: “Adam Boulton on Sky News rn with the Biden jibes”, and added in three laughing face emojis.

President Biden has been known for his frequent embarrassing verbal blunders over recent months, which have often become the centre of jokes.

Last year, while giving a speech at the White House to mark the Indian holiday of Diwali, he mispronounced Rishi Sunak’s name as „Rashee Sanook“.

In 2022, Biden also used the wrong name when addressing the South Korean president.

Keir Starmer’s anticipated phone call with Biden is expected to cover crucial topics such as the special relationship between the UK and the US, international cooperation, and shared political agendas.

Starmer’s victory in the General Election marks a significant political shift.

He successfully led the Labour Party to a decisive win, unseating the Conservative government and securing a strong mandate.

The Labout leader’s campaign focused on addressing economic inequality, revitalising public services, and fostering a more inclusive society,

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