‘I’m a cleaner – avoid these common mistakes to keep your house looking spotless’

These are the five most common mistakes people make when their homes, a professional cleaner has revealed.

Kacie, from Australia, who runs The Big Clean Co, said these mistakes not only make a but can also cause harm.

In a TikTok video, she said: “Cleaning isn’t hard as long as you’re following some simple rules. Firstly, many use too much water when mopping floors which can wreck wooden flooring and leave unwanted spots on tiles.

“Ring that mop out well,” she advised.

Just like using too much water when mopping, it’s common to use too much product, which “makes the floor feel sticky under your shoes,” she added.

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Kacie, who has thousands of followers, shares cleaning tips on TikTok and revealed, earlier this year, an unexpected product she uses to clean dirty ovens.

She suggests using a pumice stick to deal with grimy ovens with baked-on food.

This rough product gets rid of unwanted grease quickly and effectively without leaving any scratches – and it’s free from chemicals.

In another video, Kacie showed herself using a pumice stick to show how well it works.

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