Ideal temperature to set fridge and freezer to save money as experts share vital tips

An expert has shared advice on fridge and freezer temperatures to save money and energy. 

Martin Lewis, founder of Money Saving Expert, provided crucial advice on setting the correct temperature for fridges and freezers, highlighting common mistakes that could be costing people unnecessary money. 

Speaking on his show on ITV, Lewis emphasized the importance of maintaining the right temperature to prevent excessive power usage.

He said: “Five degrees is the right temperature for a fridge, no colder. Minus 18 is the right temperature for a freezer.” 

According to Lewis, any colder could lead to unnecessary energy consumption. 

Furthermore, the Energy Saving Trust emphasized the importance of regular defrosting for both the fridge and freezer to ensure optimal performance. 

It also advised maintaining a minimum 10cm gap behind the fridge to facilitate better airflow and heat dissipation.

In light of rising energy costs, Lewis highlighted the significant impact on households, particularly with changes in energy price caps. 

With the current Ofgem energy price cap set at £1,834 per year, households are expected to pay more compared to previous years. 

Lewis explained that the absence of government discounts, which were provided in previous years, contributes to the increased financial burden on consumers.

Overall, Lewis’s insights shed light on practical steps individuals can take to reduce energy consumption and mitigate rising energy costs, ensuring more efficient and cost-effective management of household appliances.

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