How to clean jewellery at home with just two ingredients

Rings, watches and other pieces of jewellery we wear on a daily basis are exposed to a lot during a day – from soap and water to pollution.

Because these things can leave your jewellery looking dull and dingy, it’s important to clean it regularly to help it look its best. But it’s important to clean these precious pieces properly to avoid damaging diamons, gemstones, or other parts that could become dislodged or discoloured.

There are several options when it comes to how to clean your jewellery – including paying a jeweller to do it, or buy a dedicated cleaning product.

But the fact is, you can just as easily clean your favourite items at home – for a fraction of the cost. Savvy cleaner Cindy Garcia took to the video sharing platform to show how she cleans her rings – leaving them looking sparkling. The content creator uses only two ingredients to clean her jewellery – and it’s probably things you alrady have in your cupboards at home.

In the caption of the video, Cindy wrote: „Cleaning my rings with just white distilled vinegar and dish soap. Here to deinfluence you from buying jewlery cleaners [sic]. This works just as well.“

First, Cindy put a kettle of water to boil, and at the same time added a cap-full of white vinegar and a bit of washing up liquid to a cup. She then dropped her rings into the cup, before topping it up with boiling water. „Let rings soak for 15 minutes,“ added Cindy.

After the time had elapsed, the content creator took a toothbrush to scrub the rings with the mixture. Afterwards, she dried them off with a piece of kitchen paper, after which they looked „brand new“.

According to Ernest Jones, using washing up liquid and warm water is safe when it comes to cleaning jewellery. They recommend soaking for around 10 minutes, before cleaning it with a soft cloth or a cotton bud, before rinsing it in clean water.

White vinegar is also another method recommended by the jeweller. On their website, it says: „Another option is to mix white vinegar with an equal quantity of warm water to create an effective cleaning solution. Or, for quite heavily tarnished jewellery, you can combine 120ml of white vinegar with around 30g of baking soda. This lively mixture will quickly create a foam into which your jewellery can soak for an hour or so, before being thoroughly rinsed and dried.“

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