Horrible moment Cavalry Guard ‚faints‘ in front of royal fans as UK bakes in 27C heat | Royal | News

Pictures show the moment a Cavalry Guard dramatically falls to the floor in searing London heat amid rehearsals in the capital. The guard is thought to have fainted as the city baked in 27C highs in the first heatwave of the year.

It’s thought the guard passed out during a procession rehearsal ahead of the Emperor and Empress of Japan visiting tomorrow (June 25). Photos show the guard laying face fown on the floor with concerned spectators stunned from behind the railings.

Another guard, appears to have spotted his colleague in need, and comes across to help. This is not the first time such an incident has happened – with guards passing out in extreme heat in previous years.

Officials, dressed head to toe in uniform, are also required to wear black bearskin hats. They are estimated at 46cm high and weigh around 1.5 pounds.

The incident comes as Londoners flocked to parks and lidos as temperatures headed towards 30C for the first hot spike of the year.

The Emperor and Empress of Japan flew over to London’s Stansted Airport on Saturday for the start of their week in the UK, and carried out private engagements on Sunday and Monday.

Their official programmes of events begin on June 25, with Prince William expected to attend the banquet that Princess Anne will sadly have to miss.

Anne, who suffered a horrifying incident on Sunday evening, will be forced to miss a state banquet being held tomorrow in honour of the Japanese State Visit.

The Emperor and Empress of Japan will also visit Windsor Castle. A meeting with Rishi Sunak, however, seems less likely due to the General Election.

According to the Telegraph, the Emperor of Japan said that the King will „fondly welcome“ the couple to the UK.

Describing the UK royals, he said that they are like „family“, which he expressed fond memories of the late Queen.

Speaking ahead of his visit, which began on Saturday, the Emperor said: „I have very fond memories of the Queen driving a car and inviting me to a barbecue and Prince Philip showing me around by driving a carriage himself.“

Temperatures in the capital are set to rise, with weather experts warning that they are likely to „increase in mortality across the population“ from today unti Thursday.

Forecasters have predicted temperatures could peak at 32C in the UK by Thursday, June 27. Liam Eslick, who is a meteorologist at the Met Office, said: „According to the latest models, there is a chance that temperatures could reach 30C.“

Despite this, he suggested that this is now guaranteed, but will be likely towards South-East England, particularly in London, Essex and Kent.

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