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Seeing everybody’s travelling posts on social media can give you major FOMO.

It can be difficult to save up enough money to take regular trips, but TikTok user @emsbudgettravel has shared that it doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavour every time, as one of her “favourite” places cost her under £200 to visit.

Em claimed that Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most “underrated countries in Europe” .

“My favourite country of 2024 and one of the cheapest and most underrated in Europe! Perfect for a budget couples holiday or girls’ trip,” she captioned the minute-long video.

Em explained she’d been to nine countries so far this year, and this one was her favourite.

She described it as a “hidden gem”, explaining that Ryanair has recently started offering cheap flights there.

Em was there for four days, and she spent £158.44 “in total for everything” – which is seriously cheap.

That price included “flights, accommodation, food, activities, transport – literally everything”.

She said it definitely lived up to its reputation as one of the “cheapest countries to visit in Europe”.

Em stayed in the capital of Sarajevo, saying it was a “beautiful city” and “felt really safe”.

She said the locals were “very friendly” and the country has “stunning scenery”, with “mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls”.

She also recommended visiting Mostar, which is two hours away from Sarajevo, as it was “magical” and “the perfect place to explore for hours”.

“I definitely wanted more than the four days I had here,” she lamented, referring to it as “an amazing trip”.

In the comments, someone said Bosnia and Herzegovina was “grabbing” their attention. Others said they couldn’t believe how cheap it was.

Another wrote: “Mostar is honestly one of the prettiest places I’ve been to! the terrace restaurant overlooking the river… beautiful!”

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