Guava Roam Stroller Review 2024

Doona, UppaBaby Vista, Yoyo, Bugaboo — those aren’t the babbles of my two-year-old son; they’re the stroller brands that I’ve tried. While they’re all fantastic strollers (in my humble opinion after two years of testing), each serves a different purpose. And, now that I’m 30 weeks pregnant (and counting), I needed a change: a stroller that doesn’t feel like I’m hauling bricks and my 30-pound toddler. And maybe it’s the nesting talking, but I also felt like my previous strollers were taking up too much space. Enter: the Guava Roam Stroller.

My experience with the Guava Roam Stroller

I tested the Guava for three weeks. After being initially intrigued by its size and ability to fold easily (if you’re a parent, you know how important this is), I can confidently say that it exceeded my expectations: it’s lightweight, easy to maneuver and delivers a smooth ride, even on bumpy roads. Needless to say, all new parents should add this to their registry.

Stroller size: 39” L x 25” W x 43” HFolded size: 29” L x 15” W x 17” HWeight limit: 60 lbs | Material: Aluminum alloy frame, rubber tires, polyester seat | Weight of stroller: 28.5 lbs

What I like about the Guava Roam

Plenty of storage

Other parents will understand: the most exciting thing about this stroller is the storage.  It’s not hyperbole when I say that you barely need a diaper bag when using the Guava — the side pockets hold toddler snacks and water, the behind-seat pockets hold adult snacks and the below-stroller pockets are great for larger items. I also love how elevated and organized the pockets make the stroller feel —  one less chaotic mess for me to tackle. 

Overhead view of the back and under storage on the stroller
Overhead view of the back and under storage on the strollerCourtesy Becca Delman, Senior Photo Editor

Washability and ease of use

Second to storage, I love the stroller insert; it’s easy to remove, with no zippers or buttons and can be thrown in the washing machine quickly. Shout out to the designer who had my son and his applesauce in mind. We thank you.  

Speaking of design, the buckles and straps offer a snap-and-click, which is foolproof to my son; he can no longer jump out of the stroller himself. The multi-lock mechanism allows for safety and security for any child, no matter their size. Also, in the three weeks of testing, not a single strap or buckle got twisted. It’s a true design miracle. 

Insert in the stroller is easily removable for washing
Insert in the stroller is easily removable for washing Courtesy Becca Delman, Senior Photo Editor

Smooth ride and comfortability

The Guava is advertised as a jogging stroller or for the average person running errands. The three rubber wheels and front wheel lock allow for an incredibly smooth ride. Whether you run, jog, power walk or just roam the mall. Smooth walkways and bumpy sidewalks all had a standard push feel, no matter the situation. A huge bonus is the ability to adjust the stroller bar height so if I (5 feet 2) or my husband (5 feet 11) take turns with it, we can adjust it to our liking. Dare I say that my posture has improved as a result? No small feat especially since I’m 30 weeks pregnant.

Folds easily and into small spaces

In my opinion, the real winner (and seller) is that the stroller folds and can fit into something as small as a closet. While the Yoyo and Bugaboo Butterfly have the same feature, they don’t give a toddler the same comfort and stability as the Roam, in my opinion. I will say, however, that the Yoyo is preferred for travelers because it can fit in the overhead airplane bin, whereas the Roam does not.

Of all the strollers I own and use, this one brings me the most joy when I load it in a car or leave my house with it. 

Folds Small enough to fit into a closet
Folds Small enough to fit into a closetCourtesy Becca Delman, Senior Photo Editor

Potential drawbacks to keep in mind

Unlocking is tricky

While I have little to no complaints about this stroller, I wish the foot brake was more maneuverable and manageable. It was a pain to kick up and down, and I did not lock the stroller to avoid having to unlock it. This is a minor detail, but in a perfect stroller, I wish it was as easy as unlocking and locking the Roam’s front wheel. 

Pricey for many families

The Roam Stoller is quite pricey, starting at $549.95 without add-ons. Whether you choose to go luxe or purchase the basic package, the price is steep, but you can’t put a price on quality.

Other strollers to consider

Final Verdict

As a mom to one toddler and one on the way, I feel confident that this stroller will only contribute to a more flexible, easy-going lifestyle for you and your family. 

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