Fishermen left terrified after spotting ‚Great White shark‘ off coast of Ireland | UK | News

A video appearing to show the moment that two fishermen saw a Great White shark swimming around their boat off the coast of Galway has emerged.

News Outlets reported that two men were at sea near Connemara close to the Galway coast when the pair had a close encounter with the shark that appeared to be a Great White.

In a short ten-second clip, one filmed the other, also filming the shark with a mobile phone.

The initial report appeared in Galway Beo two days ago when the cameraman said: „Me and my friend were out fishing and one guy had a fish on when they spotted a fin coming their direction. He took out his phone straight away to try and record.

„There is no doubt that it is a Great White Shark with about three meters in length. The shark was very curious, circling around the boat for a couple minutes until it disappeared. It wasn’t far from the coast and my friend has spotted a few fins in the last few days around the Galway area, mostly in between Spiddal and the Aran Islands. So this is a warning to all the swimmers.“

The @Airbornepirates YouTube channel, which analyses shark sightings, did his own video saying it was „100 per cent“ a Great White, even though the video was poor quality.

Today, he did a new update video to reveal the whole thing was a hoax.

He tracked down the original footage, which was much clearer, and even had the camera go under the water to show the head of the shark close up.

In a blurb he wrote: „Following yesterday’s video covering the alleged Great White Shark filmed off Galway, Ireland. We now have the full video, including underwater footage. It’s a confirmed Great White Shark! However, this was actually filmed off Australia in 2022 by Surfcoast Anglers.“

He also provided a link to the original footage.

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