Fergie is the ‘comeback queen’ but Prince Andrew is going down a different path | Royal | News

Sarah Ferguson has made her return into the royal fold, but Prince Andrew is still on the outside, and that’s because he isn’t putting in the effort to make amends, says one royal expert.

Sarah and Andrew separated in 1991, after Sarah was caught having a fling with an American businessman, and that’s when she fell out of favor with the Royal Family, particularly Prince Philip, who never forgave her for her misdoings, it’s been reported.

After years of trying to prove herself reformed, she was invited to Christmas Service last year, joining King Charles and other members of the Royal Family in Sandringham.

We spoke to royal biographer Andrew Lownie about whether or not Andrew can come back from his string of scandals, with him saying: “Think of Fergie, she’s the comeback queen, she keeps being caught doing naughty things, and she still comes back, there she is, back in the royal fold.”

He added: “He can come back, but he’s chosen not to for some reason.”

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Andrew has been deemed a pariah, but Mr Lownie does not feel sorry for him, and believes he’s living his best life — playing golf, riding horses and traveling — and doesn’t care what the public thinks about him.

Rather than showing remorse for his insolvent in the Jeffrey Epstein case, Mr Lownie believes Andrew’s plan is to discredit Virginia Giufrrie, who sued Prince Andrew in 2019 for sexual misconduct, which was settled out of court.

According to the acclaimed author: “My instinct is that he hopes his reputation will be restored by her testimony being found to be inaccurate, but my research shows that all the things fit.”

He explains: “When she claims to have seen him, we have collaborating evidence from a number of sources, I don’t think there is any question that she met him, I think it is very likely that they slept together, so I don’t know what he is hoping can happen to change the narrative.”


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Andrew may not care about public opinion, but he could get back in the good graces of his brother, King Charles, by vacating Royal Lodge, but that is not likely to happen, says Mr Lownie.

“The sensible thing to do would be to move out and be helpful to his brother, and to think that there’s a bigger picture here about the monarchy, but that’s not the way he thinks, he’s a very self-centered person.”

“I think he’s trying to get public sympathy, and stay there, I don’t think he can have both.”

“He’s not a man who sweats and I don’t think he’s a man who cries.”

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