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Britain will be battered with heavy rain and strong gusts as Storm Kathleen will cause havoc for 48 hours during the weekend.

Latest weather maps have turned a mix of bright yellow, blue, red and orange depicting the unsettled weather conditions over the weekend.

On Thursday, Storm Kathleen was named and is likely to impact the west of England, Scotland, and Wales as well as all of Northern Ireland on Saturday and Sunday.

It is the 11th storm to be named this season, which equals the record set in 2015-16.

Jim Dales, a meteorologist with British Weather Services told “It’s going to be a battle of elements this weekend. The four elements snow, rain, wind, and temperatures are going to have their impacts on various parts of the country. On Friday, the Highlands and Grampian of Scotland would witness a little bit of the lower ground snow.

“While rain is going to add to the grief and is going to impact the western side of the country, including Northern Ireland, Western Scotland, and South west Scotland, Cumbria, north of Wales and west Wales, south west wales will see the most of the rain between Friday and Saturday.

“Northern Ireland, Western Scotland, the central belt of Scotland, Wales and south west will be the worst impacted the strong gusts of 60-70mph.”

The Met Office has issued yellow severe weather warnings, external valid from 8am to 10pm on Saturday.

Gusts of 50mph (80km/h) are expected quite widely while more exposed coastal areas may experience gusts of up to 70mph (113km/h).

The storm will hit Plymouth, Swansea, Conwy, Windermere, Carlisle, Dumfries, Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Isle of Arran. All of Northern Ireland will be covered by the storm.


Showery rain, some heavy across England and Wales will give way to brighter spells. However, further showers developing, and later wet and windy weather arriving from the southwest. Rather cloudy and chilly further north, with patchy rain and hill snow.


Wet and windy weather will move north and east across all but the Northern Isles overnight. Snow affecting high ground in Scotland. Clearer, with blustery showers in the southwest later.


Rain clearing eastwards, though lingering across parts of the north, with further hill snow here. Warm sunshine developing across England and Wales, though with showers for a time. Generally windy.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Rain clearing to sunshine and showers on Saturday. Very windy, with gales in places. Another day of sunshine and blustery showers on Sunday. Some more general rain possible on Monday.


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