Even Labour MPs don’t know what Keir Starmer stands for | Politics | News

One of Keir Starmer’s own MPs has admitted she does not know where Labour stands on some major policies.

Rosie Duffield urged the party’s leadership not to sit on the fence and give voters “a bit more clarity” ahead of the General Election.

She also said the party is in “a bit of a mess” over trans rights.

Ms Duffield has faced abuse from within Labour for years after speaking out about the importance of protecting women’s rights.

She said: “We’re still in a bit of a mess about it. I’m not sure sitting on the fence on this issue is really winning the Labour Party any friends.”

Asked what voters are backing when go to the ballot box, Ms Duffield said: “I am not here as a Labour spokesperson. I know a lot of Labour MPs would really like some clarity on policies going forward because we’re always asked about it.

“I was really disappointed with the scrapping of the green pledges, as were lots of other vocal Labour MPs, so it will be nice to get a bit more clarity on those issues, a bit less fence-sitting in the next few months and we’re going to have to do that so that people know what we stand for.

“Not on some of the bigger issues, no. I think people are developing our manifesto so hopefully we will hear that quite soon.”

Ms Duffield was elected in 2017 with a majority of 187 and held on to the seat in 2019 with an increased majority of 1,836.

She was forced to pull out of attending Labour’s annual conference two years ago after threats to her safety in the row over trans rights.

The MP first faced abuse for supporting a tweet saying only women have a cervix.

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