Easy way for No7 fans to get 40 percent off skincare this week at Boots

Skincare is very personal, and gone are the days when all that was available were generic products to suit all skin types.

A 2023 report by Mintel found that ‘female facial skincare users recognize the importance of skin type and view products that cater for different skin types as a right, not a privilege’.

Last year saw the release of multiple new skincare ranges by No7, incorporating advanced technologies to tackle ageing and other skin concerns.

One of the most recent was the Derm Solutions line, which uses dermatologist-approved formulas and ingredients.

Those that haven’t yet tried the range or want to top up on new-found favourites, Boots has just launched a 40 percent off code – applying NO7DERM40 at checkout slashes a healthy amount off – but that’s not all, as it can also be combined with 3 for 2, so you’ll get one free product if you add three to your basket.

While some skincare is designed to suit specific skin types or tackle skin problems, these products do both.

There are two moisturisers, the 100-Hour Hydration Cream for dry and sensitive skin, and the Lightweight Hydrating Lotion for oily, blemish-prone skin.

With the discount, both are dropped in price from £22.95 to £12.39, leaving them on the much more affordable end of skincare.

Also in the range, there are products specifically aimed at clearing eczema, rosacea and psoriasis.

The most universal product is the Skin Balancing Serum, which suits all skin types and is proven to even out the skin’s health and reduce skin concerns within a month.

The serum is the most highly-rated item, with some saying their skin is ‘smoother and calmer’ since using it.

Cang said: ”Serum feels really nice and lightweight on my skin. Nice consistency & texture during and after application. Quick absorption and goes along well with other skincare products which I use.”

Kisiar commented: ”I love this product. I have been using only few days but my skin already looks and feels better. It’s smoother and calmer. Definitely good choice for my problematic skin.”

Savannah also addd: ”Been using for 8 weeks and cannot see a benefit of this product. It smells great but it left my oily skin feeling more oily over the day.”

Some shoppers with oily skin said they found the product wasn’t suitable for their skin type, and for those looking to get an entire skincare routine on a budget, it could be worth opting for The Ordinary The Clear Set.

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