Disney on Ice performer critically injured after falling mid-performance | US | News

A performer from “Beauty and the Beast” in a Disney on Ice show was critically injured after falling during a performance. The skater, playing Belle, fell while being lifted by another performer, according to officials.

The performer was rushed to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis and is in a critical but stable condition. The extent of her injuries is not yet known.

A local mum named Beka said the skater seemed “shakey” before she fell during the lift with the actor playing the Beast. “They were doing a lift, she appeared shaky and she fell,” she explained.

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Beka praised the remaining staff and performers for continuing the show. “I am beyond grateful and thankful for the remaining staff and the performers who kept going because that preserves the magic for the kids. I know that has to have been very difficult,” she said.

A shocking video of the incident shows Belle appearing to seize while lying on the ice, as medics rush to her side. Disney on Ice expressed gratitude for the well wishes from fans as their team member recovers.

The company stated that the injured performer was not a local Minnesota skater, but a member of the production. The show is set to continue in Minneapolis until Sunday.

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