Cold weather maps show -6C Polar blast hitting UK as it’s 16C hotter in parts of country | Weather | News

New cold weather maps show that Britain is bracing for an icy -6C Arctic blast next week, but while the mercury will plummet below freezing in some parts of Britain, it will bizarrely be 16C warmer in some parts of the country compared to others.

The latest weather maps on WX Charts – compiled using data from the Metdesk – show that next Friday, February 16, temperatures in northern Scotland, specifically the central belt of Scotland, as well as the Highlands, while it will be between -4C and -2C over on Scotland’s east coast, including cities of Aberdeen and Inverness.

Further south, though, the south of Scotland and the north of England will also experience sub zero temperatures. However, temperatures in the south west of England could not be more different, with the mercury rising to 10C in the south west of England, including Plymouth and other coastal towns and cities in Devon, Dorset and Cornwall.

In London, it will hover around 6C and it will also reach 7C in Wales and the Midlands – in stark contrast to the icy temperatures in the north of the British Isles. It comes as the Met Office predicts a period of “uncertain” weather blasting into the UK in the coming days and weeks.

Separate weather maps show that on the same day, February 16, the UK will experience rain across southern parts of the country likeWales, the Midlands, London and the south east of England, while most of Scotland will be covered in snow thanks to predicted snowfall in the previous days running up to the Arctic freeze.

As a cold front sweeps over the north of Europe including Scotland, Russia and Scandinavia, England in comparison will see more balmy temperatures much like France and Spain next week, according to the latest weather maps.

Next week, some European cities will see higher than average temperatures, as it is expected to reach 18C in Barcelona, Spain, and 19C in Seville. Meanwhile, it will be around 12C in Paris and just 9C in Amsterdam – which is colder than predicted temperatures in some parts of the UK.

Predicting the long range weather forecast, a spokesperson for the Met Office said: “Likely cloudy in the south and southwest of the UK on Wednesday with outbreaks of rain. Probably drier and brighter elsewhere with overnight frost and fog possible.

“Cloudy, milder, wetter conditions probably making erratic progress further north and east during the remainder of the week and into the weekend. Through the remainder of this period there is greater than normal uncertainty.

“There is an increased chance compared to normal of colder and drier spells due increased influence of high pressure bringing winds from the north or east at times. However, further spells of milder, wetter and windier weather are also to be expected and it is currently unclear which regime will be most dominant for the UK.”

Friday, February 9 to Tuesday, February 13


Remaining unsettled, with rain and brisk winds at times.

This Evening and Tonight:

A cloudy night in the north with outbreaks of rain. Snow will continue to affect parts of Scotland, mainly northern hills, along with brisk winds. England and Wales will become mostly dry with clear spells. Patches of fog and frost.


Scotland will remain mostly cloudy, breezy and damp on Saturday, with hill snow easing. Sunny spells developing elsewhere, although showers too, especially in the west and southwest, some heavy.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Rather cloudy on Sunday with showery rain for many. A day of sunshine and showers on Monday, with brisk winds. Perhaps some more persistent rain in the south on Tuesday.

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