Clapham suspect Abdul Ezedi ‘arranged to meet victim’ before horrifying chemical attack | UK | News

Fugitive Abdul Ezedi arranged to meet his victim before he threw chemicals over her and her two children, police have said. Police have also confirmed today (Wednesday, February 7) that they believe Ezedi was in a relationship with the mum.

They had agreed to meet with the children at an agreed meeting spot, arriving there by car, before Ezedi assaulted the trio in the same vehicle.

The Metropolitan Police added that there is a “very strong indication” Ezedi was in a relationship with the woman he attacked.

Cmdr Jon Savell said that he believed the relationship had “broken down”. He added: “We can’t give any details about how long the relationship had taken place or how it broke down.”

In another statement, Cmdr Savell said that owing to the length of time since he was last seen there are a number of theories as to where the suspect could now be.

He told reporters: “[Ezedi may] have gone north, he could have gone east, south, west or he could have gone abroad.”

The commander added that there remained the possibility that he could have jumped into the River Thames and drowned.

However, there have so far been no reports of anyone entering the river – and no bodies recovered that match his.

In offering an update on the victims, the commander concluded that the injured woman, 31, remained sedated and in hospital.

There was, however, no update on the condition of the woman’s right eye – after police said on Monday she could lose sight from it entirely.

Her condition has not changed and crucially she is still unable to speak to the police.

Police have enlisted the help of specialist officers who are trained to hunt down people by using just CCTV.

These officers, police said, had managed to work out his last known movements.

In footage released by cops, the suspect was seen walking around London. 

In the attack, a corrosive substance was thrown in the face of the 31-year-old mother last Wednesday (January 31), in Lessar Avenue, leaving her with life-altering injuries.

Her two daughters, aged three and eight, suffered injuries not “as serious as first thought”, despite being caught up in the ordeal which left 12 others with injuries.

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