Celebrity makeup artist shares 40p trick for ‘glass skin’ with kitchen staple


She captioned the post: “It really works!”

In the clip, she says: “I got tired of always having to wear makeup whenever I was leaving the house.

“I really wanted to find something that made my skin look pretty, clear it up, and make it bright.”

Later in the video, she admitted she went on the hunt for the best product and came across baking soda.

Shea continued: “You can use baking soda as an exfoliator to clear your skin – and not just clearing your skin, it gives you glass skin.”

The makeup artist then shared her two-month journey in using the product.

She added: “All you need to do is add some water with the baking soda.

“Now a lot of people mix a whole bunch of other stuff and you can definitely do that, but you can just also keep it really simple, just by adding water.”

She recommended rubbing the product into the skin by applying it at night and adding moisturiser after using it.


Shea said: “You will definitely dry out pimples and breakout.

“If you use baking soda, you will exfoliate your skin, if you use baking soda, you will clear out the dark marks – baking soda will most definitely clean out your pores.

“People have been using baking soda for years, and they will vouch and tell you, it works tremendously.


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