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Nearly 90 percent of UK households believe there should be greater government incentives for individuals and families to invest in renewable energy sources for their homes, new research has found.

New policies could accelerate the transition to adopting renewable energy sources and help the UK meet its net-zero obligations in the process, according to research from sustainable energy experts Solar Together.

The perceived costs associated with solar panel installation have deterred 47 percent of households from making the switch.

Of those surveyed who already have solar panels installed, one-third have done so primarily in response to climate change and due to a desire to cut their carbon emissions.

Meanwhile, another 31 percent have installed solar panels, mainly due to the rising cost of living over the past two years and surging energy bills.

Of those who have already made the shift to renewable energy, almost half (47 percent) state their energy costs have plummeted since the installation of solar panels at their home.

A further 37 percent have noticed a moderate decrease in their energy bills. These savings showcase why greater numbers of households are now installing solar panels, with the total number across the UK rising by 30 percent in 2023.

The survey also found that 35 percent of respondents who do not have solar panels say it is likely they will switch to using solar energy within the next five years.

This aligns with the fact that more than three-quarters of total respondents believe renewable energy is just as reliable and effective as traditional energy sources.

The survey also sheds light on how energy consumption habits have evolved in the wake of the solar panel installation boom. More than one-quarter of those with solar panels have become more mindful of their energy use, actively reducing consumption.

This ties to a wider desire across all respondents to cut down their energy usage, with almost 70 percent citing they are concerned with how much energy they are currently using.

George Frost, UK Country Manager at iChoosr, which delivers the Solar Together group buying schemes, said: “The overwhelming majority of solar panel adoptees never look back – and this survey highlights just some of the benefits that making the switch can bring.

„From savings on energy bills and greater awareness of energy consumption to taking pride in doing something positive for the environment, solar panels are helping UK households alleviate some of the pressures from the rising cost of living and putting them on a more sustainable path for the future.

“Through our conversations with energy-conscious consumers across the country, we understand that the perceived costs and practicalities to installing solar panels can be a barrier to adoption.

„However, there are now schemes such as Solar Together which deliver huge savings for households, and entire communities, and make the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible when making the switch.”

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