Beauty expert says this is the ‘worst thing’ to do to mature skin

Makeup is often the first thing people turn to when looking to conceal signs of ageing, and there are so many products that do a good job of it.

But when it goes wrong, the results can be much less flattering on a mature complexion.

According to skincare and beauty expert Anna Seynaeve, it’s not just getting the wrong shade of foundation or eyebrow product, but rather how they are applied.

Speaking exclusively to, she claimed that overdoing it with makeup is one of the most common mistakes made on older skin. 

Anna said: “Heavily applied makeup is the worst thing one can do for ageing skin, as it accentuates imperfections by settling into creases and wrinkles on the skin. One example of this is when too much powder or concealer is used.”

The beauty expert continued: “Likely you’ve seen the effects of this before, where a cakey appearance is often the result.

“A great way to avoid this is to use a lightweight liquid foundation. This is a much better option for a natural-looking coverage.”

Mastering base makeup is essential to achieving a more youthful appearance, and a sponge or brush can really help in the application.

To apply, pump the foundation onto the back of the hand then swirl a brush or beauty sponge into the product. Then gently swipe it over the skin, starting from the larger areas of the cheeks and forehead, blending out towards the hairline.

Continue to blend out until the finish looks seamless, and move quickly to stop anything settling into fine lines as it dries.

When it comes to other cosmetics, Anna warned that people should consider what suits their complexion.

She explained: “Mature skin isn’t well suited for liquid eyeliner either, as this will create a heavy appearance. However, you can still compliment the eyes beautifully with a darker eyeshadow powder applied concisely with an eyeliner brush.

“And don’t forget about the lips, as ignoring lip care can lead to a look full of lip lines. To avoid this, I recommend using moisturising lipsticks in a neutral colour, as this will complement your features without emphasising any lines around the lip area.”

After applying several different products it can sometimes seem like something is missing, or the complexion appears a little flat.

However, according to the beauty expert, this is easy to fix with one final touch.

She said: “You can also bring out a youthful and radiant glow through a great highlighter. I recommend using a cream or liquid highlighter that matches your skin tone so that it can blend in with your skin, highlighting strategic areas on your face to create a glowy appearance.

“Eyebrows are one area where you can manoeuvre a lifted appearance using a highlighter. Applying some highlighter beneath the arch along with a lighter eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes will create a fresh and lifted appearance in your facial composition.

“Finish this look with a dewy glow, where a drop or two of facial oil will add that look that will turn heads.”

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