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Transport for London has led the hoaxes on April 1 with “plans” to rename the London Underground routes.

TfL’s Director of Tube Tinkering, Olive Innadark, told MyLondon: “We just feel it’s time for change. If you look at the Circle Line on the Tube map it looks more like a milk bottle with a tail than an actual circle, and Bakerloo just sounds like someone having a doughnut on the toilet. So we’re looking at some new names that better reflect them in the modern day, or that simply make more sense.”

The network has joked about renaming the Victoria Line the “Dark Line” to resemble how deep it runs.

The Waterloo and City Line could be scrapped completely as it’s regarded as the most pointless given it only has two stops – Waterloo and Bank – and everyone now works from home, but if it is kept it may be renamed the “Banker’s Bullet”.

Meanwhile the District Line will be linked to London’s most famous TV show. The soon-to-be-named “EastEnders Line” passes through Bromley-by-Bow which is thought to be where Walford station is located in the BBC soap.

The District Line’s annoying friend the Circle Line which follows it nearly everywhere in London has a proposed new name of the “Copycat Line”. And the Piccadilly Line will be rebranded the “Tourist Trap Line”.

The Metropolitan Line, which stretches to the London Underground’s northernmost station, Chesham in Buckinghamshire which is 40km from Central London, is likely to be renamed the “F***ing Miles Away Line”.


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