Amazon shoppers snap up Gillette refill pack designed to last two years

If you find yourself constantly running out of razors, picking up a multi-pack of refills can avoid having to rebuy them all the time. We’ve spotted a 24-pack of refills that Gillette shoppers will love.

Shoppers can currently buy the bumper pack for £44, down from £55, making you a saving of £11. The Fusion5 Razor Blades are made with anti-friction technology. 

Each blade has been designed for 20 shaves and the refill pack can last up to two years, which means it’ll work out much cheaper than repeatedly buying new razors. 

Although the Gillette razors are marketed towards men there’s no reason why women and non-binary people cannot use them too. It’s a well-known secret that men’s razors offer a much closer and cleaner shave than others on the market. 

The Gillette pack has a 4.7-out-of-five average customer rating and more than 1,500 reviews. One shopper said: “Great value lovely packaging and the shave is 1st class.”

A second wrote: “I’d been struggling with some cheap disposables, it was such a relief to get a close and comfortable shave with these. Expensive in smaller packs, but great value in this larger pack.”

And a third added: “If you’re reading this you probably already have a Gilette Fusion5 razor and know how good they are. But the refills are expensive. Buying them in bulk makes that financial sting a little easier.”

Not all customers were convinced. One customer said: “The blades are not good quality“, adding „they blunt within a couple of shaves and are very uncomfortable to use“.

A second had a similar issue, they explained: “Very bad quality, it’s not the original one, although I saw some reviews happy. But for me, it was not good.”

Meanwhile, you can also buy a pack of ten ‘by Amazon’ blade refills for £13.01. Made for sensitive skin, the blades are designed with comfort-coated padding for extra smoothness.

Over on Boots, you can get own-brand Triple Blade System Refills 10 Pack for £3. They have been designed to fit the Boots razors.

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